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Child of Fate

Play Child of Fate, an epic online MMORPG with stunning graphics and limitless adventures.


Server Time

Welcome to Child of Fate!

Hello, Adventurer!

We invite you to explore our world full of mysteries and adventures. Get ready to experience unique gameplay sensations and the warmth of a friendly community.

Let's build stories and create memorable adventures together. Prepare to venture further, conquer challenges, and achieve glory!

"Here, every step you take matters."

How to Install on Android?

You just download it on PLAYSTORE.

How to Play?

Before you play, it's a good idea to read the steps which might be useful for those of you who want to play for free.

  1. First of all join our Discord (so you know all the information and get all the Diamonds for free, and free recharge every day).
  2. Collect the redeem code on the #gift-code Discord channel and claim it in the game.
  3. To get a recharge every day you have to vote by clicking the Grand Gift icon in the game, and vote every day.
    Note: This applies to 1 character and 1 IP address.
  4. To get a free $20 recharge (only once), you visit the top-up page on this website and choose a package that has free recharge.
  5. To get diamonds every day, all you have to do is share by clicking on the Grand Gift icon, and you will get rewards according to the prizes listed there. Also, by completing daily online tasks, you will get diamonds.
  6. On the Discord channel, you can get free diamonds every day by claiming Diamond Rewards.

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